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Our crew is led by a Certified Arborist with over twenty years of experience, so we get the job done right the first time. Serving Westerville and surrounding areas. Look no further for your tree care expert! We look forward to working with you and taking care of your trees.

Call 614-776-4267 now to set up an estimate. 

Tree Pruning Arborist Columbus OH

Preserving the health of your trees is our passion at Boyd Bros. Tree Care. We continue to learn more about tree biology, the latest research, and the best practices for pruning your trees to be aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Whether your trees need pruning or removal, we've got you covered. As large tree removal experts, we understand rigging forces and know their limits. We will get the tree down in a safe manner, using the latest equipment and techniques.


About our Owner

Hello, my name is Landon Boyd, Founder of Boyd Bros. Tree Care. I'm passionate about the field of Arboriculture and feel a calling with my career as an Arborist. It's kind of in my blood: my father had a tree service when I was growing up. As a young kid, I was fascinated with trees and the heavy equipment it took to work on them. My mom often found me climbing trees, climbing onto roofs and whatever else I could climb!

Outside of my experience with my father's company, I worked 2 years for another private company, and during that time I started competing in climbing competitions. Not only has it made me a better climber but it has also taught me to climb more safely. I went on from there to work 5 years in public service in Urban Forestry. In 2014, I started Boyd Bros. Tree Care, and in 2016 I welcomed my brother Nate on board to help run the business. We look forward to meeting all of your tree care needs.

Tree Preservation Arborist Columbus OH

Landon Boyd,

Owner and Founder

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