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Tree Pruning Service Columbus OH


  • Young tree pruning:  The objective of young tree pruning is to prune for a central leader, suppressing secondary growth competing with the top. In doing this, the tree's structure and longevity are aided and weak unions are prevented for future growth. 

  • Mature tree pruning:  Mature tree pruning is vital to keep a tree safe and healthy. Weight and branch size should be considered throughout the canopy as some trees have been improperly pruned for years, leaving hazardous tip weight. Additionally, tree type and health must always be taken into consideration when pruning to determine how much to remove.

  • Crown Cleaning: Crown cleaning is the removal of diseased, dead, and weak or cracked branches and can be thought of as safety pruning. 

  • Thinning: In pruning for structure, it will thin the canopy of crossing branches, reduce wind resistance, allow more sunlight and promote new growth. 

  • Canopy raising: Raising and balancing the canopy is usually desired in an urban setting for aesthetic reasons- removing low hanging limbs over sidewalks and in yards can enhance the view. Raising the canopy to clear structures such as houses, buildings, signs, etc. is a must. Vision obstructions with trees and shrubbery should be addressed immediately when they block the site of oncoming cars or pedestrians.

Did you know that proper pruning is the best thing you can do for your trees?

Studies show that the first 25 years of a deciduous tree's life are critical for structural pruning.

Boyd Bros. Tree Care specializes in providing pruning services that promote the

longevity of your trees and ensure their aesthetic appeal.

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